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The online tutorial series with a case reinforces practical application of tools and competencies acquired during the live activity. Each tool is a combination of essentials in clinical practice, links to relevant scientific publications, and printable handout material for reference. Clinical Case following the online tutorials gives the learners an opportunity to earn extra CE credit upon completion.

  1. Differentiating Types of Pain
  3. Assessment of Pain
  5. Know Your Drugs: Non-Opioids
  7. Know Your Drugs: Opioids
  9. Minimizing Adverse Effects
  11. Clinical Case

Differentiating Types of Pain

When evaluating a patient with chronic pain, it is essential to recognize the type of pain the patient is experiencing. This will be critical in developing an effective pain management plan that is individualized to treat the specific type of pain.

It is important to remember that pain types and contributing factors are not mutually exclusive. Patients frequently do have more than one type of pain, as well as overlapping contributing factors.

General Pain Types
Nociceptive Pain: Typically a response to a noxious stimulus (e.g., injury, disease, inflammation). Pain arising from visceral organs can be further classified as visceral pain, whereas somatic pain arises from tissue such as the skin, muscle, joint capsules, and bone.

Neuropathic Pain: Caused by aberrant signal processing in the peripheral or central nervous system and typically reflects nervous system injury or impairment. Causes can include trauma, inflammation, metabolic disease (e.g., diabetes), infections, tumors, toxins, and primary neurological disease.

Characteristics of Different Pain Types

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